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How big will your puppy get?

Do you want to know how big your dog will get when it's fully grown? Our puppy weight estimator will calculate the adult weight from your puppy's age and current weight. Just fill in the details below!

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Since every puppy is different, the average growth curve may not match exactly. Some puppies gain weight faster and some a little slower, so don't get worried if the result looks different from what you expected.

About the weight gain of puppies

Generally, larger dogs take longer to reach their adult weight. Small dogs will be almost fully grown at around 10 months old, while really big dogs will continue to grow until around one and a half years old.

The food your puppy is eating is very important for it to grow. Make sure you're giving your puppy a balanced diet with all needed nutrients.

If your puppy doesn't gain weight as it should, it may be best to contact your veterinarian.


*) Weight data for the breeds comes from Wikipedia.